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Contemporary Jewish Gifts from the Ofek Wertman Design Studio

July 25, 2017

Welcome to

You are definitely come to the right place if you:

-Have Jewish friends and would like to surprise them with a unique gift

-Are Jewish

-Own a home

-Enjoy art

-Are interested in home decor

-Are interested in the history of ancient Israel

We have VERY high-quality products, designed by an artist that seeks to meld elements of Jewish history and the pop-art style into various items for your home. And as you will see, every product on the website is beautiful, unique, and can make your house come alive!

Every product on this website comes straight from the Ofek Wertman Design Studio. Ofek's products are displayed at various museums, stores, art exhibits, festivals, and markets in Israel. On this website, you get to explore products that imbue Jewish culture, and find something that can make the perfect gift for your home or a friend!

Most of the Ofek’s products are designed very subtly. Unless someone told you, it would be hard to notice you are looking at a scene of ancient Israel, a famous street in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, or an Israeli heroes.  Still, as subtle the product might be, you couldn’t find a more Jewish gift for the home anywhere else. This makes it a perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t want to rub it in everyone’s face that they have Jewish beliefs (don't brag! :-)).

Even if you’re not an art nut like me, you might be swept away by the beauty of the paintings and graphics printed on the various products from the Ofek Wertman Design Studio. There is something for everyone here. You can find products ranging from stylish belts, placemats, memo boards, bookmarks, coasters, mugs, magnets, but something that unexpectedly threw me were the clocks! Yes, the clocks! It may not be the typical place you go to admire a picture, but you might be surprised. Some of the pictures are truly fascinating.

Do you like coffee but don’t like drinking out of the same ole boring mugs every day? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out the mug section. Each mug has a simply beautiful painting or graphic printed on it. You will find graphics of iconic men, special places in Jewish history, paintings of ancient Jerusalem, and even mugs with Hebrew telling you how special you are! Awesome! Whichever one you decide to go with, drinking out of one of these is sure to add some color to your morning.


And if you are into Jewish history, you need to check out the Israeli Heroes section. If you idealize David Ben Gurion, Theodor Herzl, Menahem Begin, or Golda Meir, you’re in for a treat..

There are tons of other products here too that will definitely make perfect Jewish gifts for the home, for a friend, or for yourself. Whether you’re Jewish or anything but, you can find something here to admire! You’re likely to not find the unique blend of Jewish history with pop-art that the Ofek Wertman Design Studio offers anywhere else in the world!