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About Our Studio

Ofek Wertman Design Studio Tel Aviv  - Contemporary Israeli Gifts and Jewish Gifts

Ofek Wertman Design Studio is a unique Jewish gift shop Specialized in design and manufactured fine artistic and colorful, made in Israel, home decor Judaica Gifts, Jewish Gifts for the Home, traditions Jewish gifts, Jewish and Hebrew accessories, and Israeli Home Decor. The Studio was founded in the year 2006 in Tel Aviv. Ofek's works are characterized by combining the current Israeli experience with ancient Jewish history, resulting in a contemporary, colorful, Israeli, pop-art style.
Ofek's products are integrating graphic design with industrial design and using various printing techniques on diverse materials, such as wood, metal, cloth, and leather.

Ofek is an artist, designer, and animator. He is the second generation to a family of artists. Ofek graduated from the Wizo Canada High School of Arts (1989), and from the Wizo Canada Academy of Design, in Jewelry and Graphic Design, in 1998.
Ofek's products are available at exclusive museum shops and design shops, including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Eretz Israel Museum Shop, the Tel Aviv Museum, the Haifa Museum, the Tefen Open Museum, the Diaspora Museum, Tower of David Museum, Herzl Museum, the SOHO Design Center, the Bauhaus Center, Steimatzky net stores,Tzomet Sfarim net stores, and many more. In addition to his own line of products and designs, Ofek Design Studio expertizes in designing and manufacturing product lines specifically tailored and made to order for museums (Israel Museum, Eretz Israel Museum, Reuven Rubin Museum, Nahum Gutman Museum, Tower Of David Museum, Herzl Museum), companies and design stores. Most of his products are designed and manufactured in Israel. 

Ofek Wertman

Ahava (LOVE) products Line (Israel Musem Products), design, manufacture and exclusively distributed worldwide by Ofek Wertman Design Studio.

Reuven Rubin products Line, design, manufacture and exclusively distributed worldwide by Ofek Wertman Design Studio.

Nahum Gutman products Line, design, manufacture and exclusively distributed worldwide by Ofek Wertman Design Studio.

Studio Shop Address: 7 Hahashmal Street,Tel Aviv, Israel 

Following his Art & Design studies, Ofek was inspired by computer animation and became a professional in the field, learning independently the software and acquiring ample experience and know how. For 6 years, he worked as an animator and designer, creating television program intros, promos, logos and graphics packaging for TV channels, in different post-production houses and studios in Tel Aviv. At the time he also started creating Video Art, posters as well as banners, exhibiting his work in galleries, festivals, and exhibitions in Israel and around the world. The videos and animations he created were virtual products eventually making him long for work with tangible materials and once again create with his hands. On top of that, a desire for fulfillment and realization drove him to take the path of independence, gradually making a professional shift in his field of expertise. Ofek eventually left animation for designing, manufacturing and producing original products of his own and since 2006 is the owner of a successful product design studio in Tel Aviv. His creations are original and colorful, combining industrial design with graphic design and employing various printing techniques on different materials.

Our clients:

ofek wertman jewish gifts and israeli gifts

Our Products:


You can find our products in the follow stores:

Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Ruppin Blvd-POB 71117
Jerusalem 91710
Phone: 02 6708811

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61332012
Phone: 03 6077020

The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69975
Phone: 03 7455750

The Tower of David Museum,
 in the Old City of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, 9114001
Phone: 02 6265333

Bible Lands Museum

Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21, Jerusalem, 9104601
Phone: 02 5611066

Haifa Museum of Art
Shabtai Levi St 26, Haifa, 3304331
Phone: 04 9115991

Rubin Museum
14 Bialik st. Tel Aviv
Phone: 03 5255961

Nahum Gutman Museum of Art
Shim'on Rokah St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Phone: 03 5161970

Ashdod Art Museum
Derech Eretz 8
POB 5577  
Ashdod  77154
Tel: 08 8545180/1

The Menachem Begin Museum, Jerusalem
6 s.u. Nahon st.
Jerusalem 94110
Tel: 02 5652020

Yitzhak Rabin Center 
Chaim Levanon St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61175
Phone: 03 7453333

Bauhaus Center, Tel-Aviv
77 Dizengoff St.
Tel: 03 5220249

Beit Hatfutsot, Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv University Campus, Klausner St.
Tel: 03 7457800

Jabotinsky Institute
King George St 38, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Phone: 03 5287320

Steimatzky, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
Har Hazikaron
Tel: 02 6433392
Ben Gurion airport

Rimonim, Raanana
Kanyon Renanim
2 Hamelacha st. 
Tel: 09 7720090
SOHO 100% Design Shop - Mamilla
Elrov boulevard , Mamilla Center, Yitshak Kariv, Jerusalem
Tel: 02 5000966

SOHO 100%  Design Shop - Hatachana
Kaufmann St, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Tel: 03 7107016

SOHO 100% Design Shop – Dizengoff Center Mall
Dizengoff St 50, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 64332
03 621240

IDdesign Bnei Brak
Lekhi Street 2 Bnei Brak
Tel: 073 2821903

9 Ashtori Farchi Street, Bazel
Tel Aviv
Tel 03 5466993

The Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem
3 Jabotinsky st.
Tel: 052 2871300
Smart-Tour, Jerusalem
The First Station compund
4 David Remez St. 
Tel: 02 5618056


Design & Animation frames from TV shows & Video arts made by Ofek Wertman:

Ofek's Art Exhibitions:

The first comics and animation festival - Cinematheque Tel Aviv
Video Art - "Game Not Over"
Curator - Dudu Shalita

Pyramid gallery Haifa, Exhibition - "Under a falling tree"
Video Art - "Parthuffim"
Curator -Danil Gertman

Time of art Gallery, OMANUTISRAEL.COM exhibition, tel aviv, Israel
Video Art - "Game Not Over"
Curator - Gedon Efrat

The senat gallery - Ben Gurion University - Uniform Ltd exhibition - beer sheva, Israel
Video Art - "Game Not Over"
Curator - Haim Maor

The 2nd international video-art Biennial - video zone 2 - cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel
Video Art - "Parthuffim - Faces"
Curator - Sergio Adelshtein

The 23 film festival in Jerusalem
Video Art - The legion attack in Jerusalem.

The Art of Digital Show Exhibition - San Diego,USA
Video Art - "Game Not Over", "Faces"
Curator: Steven Churchill, Neal Benezra

Superman Landing in Florentin - Sabkutch milega, Tel Aviv
Video Art - "My sweet little fur"
Curator - Meray Shanan

Taking action Exhibition, Istanbul
Video Art - "Game not over"
Curator - Irmak Arkman

Festival "KinoLewchyk", Ukraine
Video Art - "My sweet little fur" – Won first prize in nomination "Experimental video"

Vdance Festival, cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel
Video Art - "My sweet little fur"
Curator - Avi Feldman

The comics and animation festival 2008 - Cinematheque Tel Aviv
Asif- The annually celebration of Israeli Animation - Video Art - "My sweet little fur"
Curator -Dudu Shalita

16th Quinzena de Dança de Almada – Contemporary Dance Festival, Almada, Portugal
Video Art - "My sweet little fur"
General and Artistic Directors - Maria Franco and Ana Macara

Droval Gallery - Group exhibition
The work - "YALLA"
Curator - Inbal Droval

Pyramida, Center For Contemporary Art - Group exhibition
The work - "YALLA"
Curator - Smadar Shiendler