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Ofek Wertman Design studio Specialized in manufactured and design fine unique artistic and color full products. The Studio was founded in the year 2006 in Tel aviv. Ofek's works are characterized by combining the current Israeli experience with ancient Jewish history, resulting in a contemporary, colorful, Israeli, pop-art style.
Ofek's products are integrating graphic design with industrial design, and using various printing techniques on diverse materials, such as wood, metal, cloth, and leather.

Ofek is an artist, designer, and animator. He is the second generation to a family of artists. Ofek graduated from the Wizo Canada High School of Arts (1989), and from the Wizo Canada Academy of Design, in Jewelry and Graphic Design, in 1998.
Ofek's products are available at exclusive museum shops and design shops, including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Eretz Israel Museum Shop, the Tel Aviv Museum, the Haifa Museum, the Tefen Open Museum, the Diaspora Museum, Tower of David Museum, Herzl Museum, the SOHO Design Center, the Bauhaus Center, Steimatzky net stores,Tzomet Sfarim net stores, and many more.

In addition to his own line of products and designs, Ofek Design Studio expertizes in designing and manufacturing product lines specifically tailored and made to order for museums (Israel Museum, Eretz Israel Museum, Reuven Rubin Museum, Nahum Gutman Museum, Tower Of David Museum, Herzl Museum), companies and design stores. Most of his products are designed and manufactured in Israel.