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The Layers Clock - Shield of David


The Layers Clock

The ‘Layers Clock’ (or Cinderella Clock) invented and was first designed & manufactured in the year 2007 by desiner Ofek Wertman in his design studio in Tel Aviv.
The ‘Layers Clock’ (or Cinderella Clock) is in fact a kinetic statue combining both product design and graphic design. The offbeat and original clock is comprised of four printed Aluminum plates positioned one on top of the other, three of them rotating. The clock graduations and hours are printed on the rear plate that is fixed, serving as the clock’s base. The second plate – the hour plate, rotates at the pace of the hours’ hand. A third plate turns at the minutes hand’s pace and a little round fourth plate, at the center of the clock, turns at the seconds hand’s pace. The clock is designed so the rotating plates create a visual collage, and twice a day at 12 o’clock (midday and midnight) all four plates hit the point the graphics are assembled together disclosing the complete design and hidden visual or sentence. only in this clock (Shield of David clock) the graphics are assembled together 4 times a day, also at 6 o’clock in the morning and in the evening. The ‘Layer Clock’ is perfect for originality and design lovers.  

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